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The Case Notification feature of this web site is provided as a resource for information on historical and current court cases.  It should be used only to gain a general understanding of a listed case's status.  The Case Notification feature allows registered users of the Public Access application to flag case(s) that they are interested in tracking.  When a change occurs on the "flagged" case, the user will be notified via e-mail that something has been updated on the case.  At this point in time, the user will be able to follow the link to see the most recent change in the case. 

NOTE:  Currently, this is available only for cases filed into the Superior Court in Maricopa County .

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Does not support notification based on information for counties other than Maricopa, or limited jurisdiction courts in Maricopa County.

Does not support more than 20 cases for any one e-mail account.

The information displayed is not the official record of the court, and not all cases from a participating court or all charges in a particular case may be included.

If you want to find out more about a case, or feel information is in error and should be corrected, please contact the local court where the case is filed.

Although intended as a tool to help victims, this is a public access site and there is no verification of who is requesting this information.

This is not a system for answering specific questions about the case.

This service does not support juvenile courts.

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Register a valid e-mail address.

Activate Notification Access by responding to an initial e-mail that comes to your account.

Search for case(s) based on name or case number.

Select what elements of a case to track.

Add to Notification List.

When a change occurs, an e-mail is sent with case(s) that have changed (updates occur on this site a minimum of 24 hours after they are entered at the local court).

You can follow the link from the e-mail to get to the specific information that has changed on the case.

A computer takes care of sending out the notifications automatically.  Questions about the notification system can be addressed to the e-mail address from which the notifications are received.

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Click on the "Case Notification Sign In" link in the Search screen.

Click on the "New User to Case Notification?" link.

Accept the Case Notification Disclaimer.

Enter your e-mail address, name, State, Zip Code, and a password you will use for this site (name, state and zip code are optional).

Enter in the Security Text in the box and click on the “Create User” button

An e-mail will be sent to the E-mail address to make sure that we have the right e-mail address.

To activate the notification, follow the instructions provided in the e-mail

You will be directed to a confirmation page.

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